Baba Ghanoush


OUR BABA GHANOUSH is tasty, vegan and gluten free! If you can’t decide between our uniquely delicious Aubergine and our creamy Hummus, try our BaBa Ghanoush, it’s the perfect blend of two of our most popular fresh gourmet products. We take a variety of fresh mesquite grilled eggplants and combine it with our freshly sprouted locally grown garbanzo beans and fresh lemons to create a vegan, low fat, no cholesterol spread. Use as a healthy alternative on sandwiches, on bagels, or with crackers or vegetables as a dip. Tastes fabulous tossed into hot or cold pasta. Spread on fish or chicken and broil or grill for a great new marinade.
Serving suggestions:
  • On wraps, sandwiches & bagels
  • A substitute for mayonnaise
  • As a dip for crackers or veggies
  • Toss into hot or cold pasta
  • As a marinade on chicken or fish
  • Mighty Mini: .5 – 1 oz
  • Mini: 1.5 – 2 oz
  • Small: 7.5 oz
  • Medium: 14 oz
  • Addict: 16 oz
  • Party : 5 lbs
  • Commercial: 1 gallon
  • Institutional: 30 gallon